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Who we are

Who we are: Truevoyagers in Rome

“But the true voyagers are only those who leave just to be leaving; hearts light, like balloons, they never turn aside from their fatality and without knowing why they always say: “Let’s go!”

We are Pascal and Efthimis, two guys from Greece with hearts like “balloons” as Charles Baudelaire says in “Les Fleurs du Mal”. Thanks to traveling, we have found a reason to be active and creative in our lives. We love traveling but we love even more describing our experiences and making others eager to set out on a new adventure.

Through this website, we want to show you that everybody can travel and experience unique moments abroad while staying on a rational budget.

We aim to create tour packages which will take you off the beaten track and at the same time help you plan efficiently a trip tailored to your personal needs. Through our blog, we offer useful tips for your adventures and photos from our own trips to get inspired!

If you want to tell us about your own trips, share your experience, follow us on our endeavors or just ask a question, send us an e-mail at!