Athens with Kids: A Feast of Fables

Athens with Kids: A Feast of Fables


Location: National Garden

Duration: ca. 2,5 hours. Fri-Sat-Sun, starting at 09:30 am and 12:30 pm

Minimum No. of participants: 4

Maximum No. of participants: 10

Suitable for: Children aged 5-12 years old under parent supervision*

Languages: English, Greek



The place

At the heart of Athens, right next to the House of Parliament, lies one of the most beautiful places in the city: the National Garden. An oasis of flowers, trees and plants, dotted with ancient ruins and ducks, the National Garden has long served as a hidden treasure of Athens, popular with children and young couples alike. It offers several ponds with a multitude of ducks, turtles and fish, as well as a playground, a children’s library and even a small zoo.

The element

What is a fable? One of the oldest forms of storytelling: a short tale designed to teach a general truth.

Its heroes and villains: wise tortoises and conniving foxes, cocky hares and foolish crickets; each one of them revealing a distinct aspect of our human nature, all entwined in the magical world of Aesop.

Aesop: this unique human who allowed us to reflect ourselves through his tales, no matter our age.

The people

Professional actors with experience in child education and entertainment will accompany you and your kids on a trail through the National Garden, transforming into the heroes of Aesop’s fables and bringing the ancient tales to life. We will also narrate to you many popular and some lesser known fables, guiding you on this game-filled quest.

The fun

All along the park we have set a treasure hunt for you and your family, where the treasure is your picnic. At the end of each game you can win a piece of your own feast and ultimately enjoy it in a beautiful location inside the Garden! Each of our games is inspired by one of our narrated fables, allowing the children to discover and apply the wisdom of each tale. Or not – sometimes it’s pure fun and laughter for the whole family!

Safety first!

Kids will be kids. They run, they push, they fall. We’ve all been there. It’s the fever of the game! A scratched knee or a nettle rash could happen. Not to worry, though, we’ve got it covered. A first aid kit is within reach at all times, and a member of our team is certified in first aid by the Red Cross.

Practical info

We recommend for all participants to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. In case of any specific dietary requirements, please contact us ahead of time.

Meeting point: at the entrance of the National Garden of Athens on Leoforos Amalias.

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What people say about this activity:

"We had a great time walking in the National Gardens of Athens. Our kids (and we) learned about Greek fables that are part of Western cultural heritage, while enjoying a beautiful day outdoors in a green park, in the very heart of Athens. The actors were very entertaining, dynamic and interactive with the kids, and their English was superb". Roberto G., Spain.

"We really enjoyed the Feast of fables experience in the National gardens of central Athens. A great location (only a couple of minutes on foot from the central square) but you feel that you are in another world. This is enhanced by the fun and energetic storytelling, games, singing and dancing which brings the fables of Aesop to life. The enthusiasm of the organizers was infectious for both young and old. Would definitely recommend for anyone with young kids looking for an alternative and unforgettable experience in Athens". Jamie A., Scotland.

*The parents can participate in the activity with a reduced fee of 15.00 euros.

Cancellation policy: Full refund is provided in case you cancel at least 24 hours before the realization of the tour.

For any further enquiries, please contact