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We are Truevoyagers (Efthimis Kragaris and Pascal Panagiotidis), travel bloggers, trip planners, but most of all, travelers. Our brand name and our logo are based on Charles Baudelaire's inspitational quote in his book 'Les Fleurs du mal': “But the true voyagers are only those who leave just to be leaving; hearts light, like balloons, they never turn aside from their fatality and without knowing why they always say: Let's go!”.

In 2016, we created a travel blog to record our travel experiences around the world and give advice to aspiring travelers. Having visited 42 countries and some of the most distant and exotic parts of the planet, we decided to translate our acquired knowledge into a business idea.

What we experienced as visitors abroad was the need for unique personalized activities combined with useful travel services throughout our holiday. We realized that we had to search among many different providers in order to meet our travel needs. Thus, what was missing was a holistic approach to our journey found on a single source.

In 2017, we decided to submit a business proposal to EGG, the largest incubator of new ventures in Greece, created by Eurobank and Corallia. One year later and with EGG’s support, we are at the beginning of our dream: creating unique and personalized activities in Athens and soon in other areas in Greece and abroad, aiming at the creative exploration of each place off the beaten track.


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Pascal Panagiotidis

Pascal has worked for many years in the Banking sector in Alpha Bank (Greece), Citibank (Spain) and other multinationals such as Verizon, as well as leading companies offering innovative tourism products such as R.C.I. (the world's largest timesharing company). He has worked in 5* hotels (CavoTagoo-Mykonos) and also as a professor at the public K.E.K. of Oreokastro Thessalonikis giving classes of Tourism Management & Marketing to students. With postgraduate studies in the Banking sector and Marketing, he is in charge of contacting external business partners in order to build our tours and activities. He speaks English, French and Spanish fluently.


Efthimis Kragaris

Efthimis with the appropriate academic background in Journalism, is active in the field of Communication and Modern Media. His experience in social media, blogging and SEO marketing tools (mainly from our travel blog) is particularly useful for suggesting and then adopting the right strategy to promote our business idea through various channels of communication. He is in charge of Digital Marketing and he is responsible for the creation of this digital platform. He speaks 5 foreign languages (including Chinese).


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19A Kapnikareas Str., 1st Floor,
Athens, 10 556, Greece



Our Partners



Handmade wooden bicycles. Designed and constructed by experienced engineers, designers and carpenters, who passionately shape wood and give it life.

Be My Quest

A start-up, which aims to "revive" almost abandoned villages and areas in Greece, by promoting, creating and establishing alternative tourism activities in places with unique tradition and history.




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