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Why us?


Having traveled to more than 40 countries worldwide, we know exactly what the travelers' needs and aspirations are. Our rich traveling experience has influenced us in who we are as activity organizers.


Being locals, we know the best spots for an authentic Greek experience. We are always on the hunt for new and amazing places in Athens and generally in Greece in order to bring you the most original activities.


We love what we do and take great measures to prioritize you and ensure your experience with us is a fully satisfying one. We handpick and organize all the activities mentioned in this website.

Our services

Live the Ultimate Food Discovery Experience




What about exploring the city through the ultimate food discovery experience? Explore Athens at a relaxing pace with our local foodie who shares your love for delicious dishes and tasty products. Indulge yourself into a culinary journey during which you’ll get to know the people who create the culinary story of the city. You will taste regional specialties, try the best street food and discover secret gastronomic gems.



  • Lots of delicious Greek food

  • Visits to authentic local cafes and restaurants

  • Some of the best hidden gems of the city

  • The guidance of a world traveler and local expert guide


Build Your Own Greek Sculpture/Figurine Using Clay

create your own souvenir



Complete your ultimate Greek experience and come in real contact with the most ancient form of art, pottery, by participating in this clay workshop. You will study images from the emblematic moments of ancient Greek art (prehistoric sculptures, Cycladic figurines, ceramics and pottery from the geometric and classical era).  These images will inspire you to make your own unique sculptures or ceramics using clay and take them home with you!



  • A 2,5-hour pottery workshop in downtown Athens
  • Lecture about ancient Greek ceramics and information about the different forms of ancient Greek art
  • Construction of the sculpture/figurine of your choice with the help of professional artists
  • Your souvenir will be baked, let dry and can be sent back to your hotel or home country

Listen to the stories of Greek mythology, love and drama

meet the olympic gods



Walk with us at one of the most beautiful spots of Athens as we share with you stories of gods and lovers in our mythological tour. Dive into a world of transformations, seductions and deceptions, godly affairs and divine punishments. MEnjoy a captivating view of the entire city at sunset along the mountains to the Aegean Sea while sipping a glass of our recommended wine. Take your imagination through a journey among the nature and the ruins to a time when gods shared the same desires as us.



  • Mythological walking tour in Athens city center
  • Interactive narrative on Greek Mythology by professional actors
  • Tales of drama, deception and love
  • Complimentary glass of wine by local producer

Explore Athens on Elegant Wooden Bikes

WOODEN BIKE cycling tour



Explore Athens with our unique wooden bicycles of the finest quality and the most elegant design. Under the guidance of a local expert, observe the architectural and cultural landmarks of the historical center of Athens in a relaxed and pleasant way. Book the tour if you are an eco-friendly traveler, fitness fiend, contemporary design lover or if you want to see Athens in a different perspective.



  • Guided cycling tour under the guidance of a local expert

  • Unique wooden bicycles of the finest quality

  • Helmet, bottled water, snack and refreshment at a beautiful rooftop at the end of the activity


Capture the 'essence' of Athens and make your Instagram feed stand out

Athens INSTAGram PHOTO tour



Let us introduce you to the first and original Instagram photo tour in Greece! This tour will take you to the most Instagram-worthy sights around Athens downtown, where you’ll snap photos and experience the urban environment of the city. Immerse yourself in the ancient and modern Greek culture while exploring popular neighborhoods. At the end of this photo tour, you will have captured amazing photos for your Instagram account and have spent the day like a local.



  • Walking tour in Athens vibrant city-center and story-telling by a local expert

  • 6 to 8 photo stops

  • Separate option for photo tour with an instant camera

  • Separate option to edit and print out your mobile photos


Discover Aesop’s Fables with your kids at the National Garden of Athens

meet an ancient story teller



Take a walk with your kids in the world of Aesop’s fables at the National Garden of Athens! Together we will explore the world of the ancient story teller among trees and animals, his favourite actors. Discover the wisdom of Aesop’s fables through our family bonding games set on a trail all around the park. We will end our journey with a lovely picnic at a beautiful location. A fun and educational quest for the whole family in an idyllic garden right in the middle of the city!



  • Narration of numerous fables by professional actors along your walk in the National Garden
  • Instructive trail filled with games, riddles and hidden treasures
  • Picnic on a beautiful location at the end of the trail
  • Walk by a duck pond and visit to a small zoo

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