3 of the Best Surfing Spots in Europe

Biarritz - Grand Plage, France.  Source

Biarritz - Grand Plage, France. Source

Europe might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of surfing hotspots, but with its diverse geography and cultures, there are breaks to suit all types of surfers. With beautiful beaches and fantastic waves, all you have left to plan is what to pack and whether you need to book some lessons. Although surfing accidents are relatively rare, with an average of just 2.2 injuries per surfer for every 1000 days spent surfing, it’s still important to know how to avoid any mishaps and understand your skill level. We’ve listed our top three surfing spots in Europe for you to pick from below.

1. The West Coast of Ireland

Bundoran Beach, Donegal, on the Atlantic west coast of Ireland.  Source

Bundoran Beach, Donegal, on the Atlantic west coast of Ireland. Source

If you go surfing in Ireland you’ll definitely need a neoprene wet-suit that’s a few millimeters thick for the cold temperatures! Due to its exposed location on the Atlantic, you’re almost guaranteed wind, 3,172 kilometers of coastline to explore and some world-class surfing.

One of our favorite spots is Bundoran Beach in Donegal. It’s a beach suited to both beginners and experienced surfers with an abundance of surf shops with boards to hire. After a day spent perfecting your stance, you can enjoy a Guinness and warming seafood chowder in the gorgeous fishing village. It’s also worth keeping an eye on the annual surfing festival held here - Sea Sessions!

2. Portugal

Praia Do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal.  Source

Praia Do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal. Source

Located in between the Atlantic and the warm waters of the Mediterranean, Portugal is a country that’s fast appearing on everyone’s bucket list. With great food, weather and friendly people, it’s an ideal place to base yourself for a surfing holiday.

North Canyon Beach near the fishing village of Nazaré is in the center of Portugal’s coastline and is home to one of the world’s most famous waves! This is the spot where famous surf legend, Garret McNamara, rode the biggest wave in history. Use caution at this surf spot though – it’s probably really only made for advanced surfers. It’s worth being aware of and chatting with locals about sea conditions.

3. France

Grande Plage de Biarritz, France.  Source

Grande Plage de Biarritz, France. Source

One of the largest countries in Europe, France borders the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, providing you with countless surf options to choose from. The best time to visit is summer, where you’re guaranteed to get a great tan and can spend your evenings drinking wine from excellent French vineyards.

Grande Plage in Biarritz is one of the most popular spots and is perfect for both beginner and intermediate surfers. While it can get busy in summer, you’re certain to catch a wave due to the shifting peaks. The beach is lined with surf schools along with great culture and food to choose from. There’s also the added benefit that you’ll only need a short wet-suit (or you could even get by with just a rash vest). Keep an eye on the international surfing calendar as many competitions and surf festivals take place in Biarritz over the summer.

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Top 3 Surfing Spots in Europe by Truevoyagers

Top 3 Surfing Spots in Europe by Truevoyagers

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