Cubic architecture meets high-end gastronomy in Spain


Have you ever heard of La Rioja? If the answer is yes then it should be probably because you are a wine lover. For the rest of you, this area of Spain which lies along the western side of the Ebro Valley has over 500 wineries and is internationally famous for the quality of its wines. La Rioja is famous not only for its wine and tapas but also for its beautiful landscape. Well, now another reason to check out La Rioja is Hotel Viura by Designhouses, situated in Villabuena de Álava, which is an architectural gem worth visiting and perfect as a base for discovering the region.

Cubic architecture in Spain
Cubic architecture in Spain 2

An architectural gem

Hotel Viura is everything but ordinary due to its unconventional architectural structure; it is literally the reflection of the Cubist aesthetic in architecture. Large cubes emerge right from the center of the earth forming an abstract cell complex, bringing to mind Picasso's hand sketches.

Inside La Rioja
Inside La Rioja 2

The hotel is located right next to the San Andrés Church, an architectural monument built between 1538 and 1728.

San Andrés Church
The restaurant
Bicycles for the guests

The Rooms

Floor to ceiling windows offer amazing views of the Sierra de Cantabria mountains providing natural light at the same time. Each room comes equipped with its very own outdoor terrace where plants give color to the landscape.  Despite the fact that it is a modern construction right in the heart of a  traditional village, the blending is successful, making the hotel part of the relaxing scenery.

The menu
Fine gastronomy
Gastronomical delights

The Flavors

If you want to enjoy the Riojan and Basque cuisine, then you should try the Hotel Viura's restaurant, a special place for the delight of the senses. All dishes are prepared  with fresh and natural products, while maintaining a creative twist. Needless to say, there is no better place than La Rioja to enjoy a glass of red wine!

Unique plating
Unique plating 2

Photographs courtesy of Hotel La Viura.

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