The Bali Waterfalls - an exhilarating experience


Thick luscious rain forests in the tropical jungle, rejuvenating waterfalls, scenic landscapes.. This is Bali in our eyes. "The island of the Gods" hides so much beauty that no photo can depict. However, we decided to create a post for three Bali waterfalls that we had the chance to visit in order to show you just a slice of paradise.

Luscious vegetation
Bali waterfalls

Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan waterfall (see right above) is unique for its heavy water flow and is ideal for swimming. It is located at sacred Petanu River in Tegenungan Village and you should go down several steps in order to approach it, but I reassure you that the scenery will enchant you. From Ubud, it is only a 10 minute drive that makes it ideal for a quick dive.

Truevoyagers in Bali Waterfalls

Munduk Waterfall

More hidden and less busy is Munduk waterfall. Located at around 2 km from Munduk village, there is a 700 m trail that you need to follow in order to reach your destination but the surroundings totally worth the hiking. Our guide, Ketut, gave us lots of information about the plants of the area and helped us with the camera as he offered to take us some pictures together during our quick splash.

Bali waterfalls - Tegenungan
Bali waterfalls - Tegenungan

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Last but not least is the Kanto Lampo waterfall. We haven't scheduled to visit this waterfall but a friend of ours urged us to go there and we did not regret it! Kanto Lampo in Gianyar is a cascade waterfall with several small steps you can climb up to snap some great images or even shoot a video as we did with Pascal right below. Kanto Lampo is really easy to access and has a small entrance fee as most of the waterfalls in Bali.

Pascal in Kanto Lampo
Pascal in Kanto Lampo

Whatever your choice is, we believe that you will have an once in a lifetime experience as you will witness the grandeur of nature unfold in front of you. Bali is definitely for waterfall lovers!

*All photos and videos are captured by Truevoyagers.