Athens Mythological Tour: Boudoir of the Gods

Athens Mythological Tour: Boudoir of the Gods


Location: Philopappou Hill

Duration: ca. 2 hours. Sat-Sun, starting at 18:00

Group size: up to 10 people

Suitable for: 16+ years old

Languages: English, Greek


You may know something about the feats of ancient gods, heroes and mythical beasts, but behind these tales of epic proportions lies a whole menagerie of jealousy, passions and vengeful pride. Walk with us at one of the most beautiful spots of Athens as we share with you stories of gods and lovers in our mythological tour. Dive into a world of transformations, seductions and deceptions, godly affairs and divine punishments. Enjoy a captivating view of the entire city at sunset along the mountains to the Aegean Sea while sipping a glass of our recommended wine. Take your imagination through a journey among the nature and the ruins to a time when gods shared the same desires as us.


  • Discover the innermost secrets of one of the oldest pantheons in European civilization. In other words, let’s spill the tea!

  • Stroll with us along Philopappou Hill, one of the most beautiful and vibrant areas of Athens since its very beginning.

  • Immerse yourself in a panoramic view of the entire city, from mountain to shore.

  • Treat yourself to a glass of cool wine as you elope into the sunset.

  • Spend a light-hearted afternoon with your friends or partner(s).

The Place

Above Thisseion Square’s paved streets and below the Acropolis temples you may find Philopappou Hill, also called The Hill of the Muses. On the very ground you tread, satyrs, nymphs and gods chased one another, loved and fought. The hill is steeped in history of all eras of the city, being also the site of an old Christian church and Socrates’ prison. Aside from its historical value, it is a haven for Athenians and tourists alike for its tranquility, beauty and the exquisite view. No wonder it is known as the ‘balcony of Athens’!

The Element

What makes a God? What defines a human? In ancient Greece gods were beings of intense, unquestioning passions and desires: beings capable of immeasurable destructiveness and infinite devotion. Just like humans - loving fathers, caring mothers, affectionate lovers, proud masters and mistresses of fate, yet just as often fate’s prey.

The People

Professionally trained actors will walk along with you in a especially-designed mythological tour and share a collection of the craziest affairs, vendettas and eternal one-upmanship of the old gods. Meanwhile, if you wonder "hey, what’s that great big white thing with the columns?", we’ll be happy to answer. Our main goal: to touch you and excite you with our stories.

The Fun

Wine, sunset, spicy stories of godly proportions… what more do you need?

Practical info

We recommend for all participants to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Meeting point: outside the Acropolis museum, Exit Museum (street level)

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What people say about this activity:

"I took part in the "Boudoir of the Gods" tour. If you're interested in Greek mythology, this is a tour for you! We enjoyed a beautiful walk on Philopappou hill with an amazing view, while our awesome guides-narrators brought to life unknown and...funny stories about the ancient Greek Gods! Certainly an unforgettable experience that ended the best way, at the top of the hill with a glass of wine while watching the sunset! Thank you guys! Looking forward to the next tour!" Kiki N.

Cancellation policy: Full refund is provided in case you cancel at least 24 hours before the realization of the tour.

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